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Hey, Project Contributors

Its been a while since I've posted to the LJ Blog, but I'd love to know how everybody's Altar Projects are coming along.  What sort of challenges have you run into?  Is there anything you'd like to discuss or have included on the website or blog?  I have to laugh about this, two projects of mine the pictures did not even come out at all, so I am not sure if I should do them over or accept the experience for what it was- to Vali and Hela respectively.  

Just Added to Altarproject.org

Brand spanking new Discussion Boards including an area for project contributors to chat and discuss their experiences. Its still kind of crude and being modified, but please feel free to enjoy and utilize this resource. Jump in, start topics, have fun!

The direct link is located at:

Set your bookmarks. You have to click on the bottom of the page to become a registered user. It also has a live chat capability.

August Updates

Please Pardon Any Duplication, X-Post Liberally

The 30 Day Altar Project is a Northern Tradition/Heathen/Forn Sed Devotional Art Project designed to bring private devotional worship of the Northern Deities into the public sphere, create mindfulness of the influence of the High Ones in our everyday environment, inspire one another, and to bring practitioners together by creating personal altars to our Gods and Goddesses in public places all over the world. A diversity of views, life experiences, and methodologies of worship is encouraged. While communal and public worship is easily modeled, the private relationships that individuals hold to the Gods remain largely undocumented and not always openly discussed. This project allows a glimpse into these relationships, so that we can expand our understanding and see the High Ones from a fresh set of eyes. It does not prescribe or proscribe orthodoxy of belief, but rather seeks to increase knowledge through diversity, awareness, and communication.This was the first month that the project website was live after the initial 30 Day Period elapsed.

Three continents were represented. The 30 Day Altar Project is actively seeking contributors. Details can be found on our website.The Main Site is http://www.altarproject.org

Sincere thanks to everybody who contributed so far.

New Altars For August Under Cut:Read more...Collapse )

For the Contributors

I just got a very good question in the altarproject inbox and I thought that I would repost the reply here.

If for any reason you are not able to digitize your Altar Project photos (at least in the USA, major photo developing outlets like drugstores and supermarkets allow you to have digital copies made using conventional film) or for some reason cannot use email to attach them to your questionnaire for submission,
please drop me an email at altarproject@gmail.com.

 I will send you a physical address to mail your photos to and will scan them in myself.  I am considering getting a PO Box for the project, but don't have one as of yet.

Also check out the website at http://www.altarproject.org

 2 new altar projects were added last week devoted to Holda and Njord respectively.  Love to see your altar project there soon.   Check out the submission guidelines on the website or scroll down in this blog for further specifications.  Updates were made to the altar project bookstore though its still a work in project, but many cool books are listed.

Altarproject - Now on MySpace too

I just added an Altarproject account on MySpace

Its at:


or alternately:


Also just in case you've always wanted tons of silly things with Altar Project logos all over them (Aprons and Teddy Bears galore)  the cafe press shop is up.  $2 from every item will be donated to the project (I've spent a couple hundred so far on the web stuff plus would like to do a publishing project after the first year is up - so pretty much that's what your donation supports - any extra money will go towards expanding bandwidth on the website to include other pagan faiths and excess funds will be donated to an environmental charity - maybe planting trees in Iceland - trust me I am not doing this for money - this is hardly a get rich quick scheme)

Its linked from


Also anyone who would like to contribute designs for Altarproject T shirts & stuff, please email me at
altarproject@gmail.com  the item specs are up at cafepress.com or I can send them to you.

The Website is in Beta

Hi Good People,

My pathetic web design skills are being put to the test for this.

The Altar Project Website is in Beta (not quite done) and mostly
live on (set your bookmarks to):


The submission guidelines are now on their own happy little web page at


Please take a look at those if you are planning to contribute.

Don't forget to check out the first submitted Altar Project by Galina Krasskova & Fuensanta Plaza in the project gallery.

Coming soon will be a tips & advice page for contributor, a couple shops to help defray the site hosting costs (T-shirts, and Stickers, and Books, Oh MY!), and if I can ever figure out the software to do it, a discussion forum for the project.

Please visit often and let me know what y'all think & would like to see there.

Contributor Feedback Please - New Idea

I thought this would be cool to add to the project, but its a little extra effort.

What about the idea of making postcards with the altarproject logo on it and having them for distribution at your altar site?  Basically they would work like comment cards for people who happen upon your altar and would be posted to the website, so you could see how the altar impacts others.  The postcards would then be scanned onto the website and linked to the altar page.

I think it would be pretty cool, but don't want to go through the time or expense of making up and sending out postcards to contributors unless I thought the contributors would use them.  I can easily make up logo bumper stickers for the project on cafe press, but postcards are a tad expensive there, so I would look into commercial printing.

FYI anyone in the Ft Lauderdale area, my next altar project will be installed in a vendor booth at the Gulfstream Racetrack  Flea Market in Hollywood, FL on Sunday August 26th off of US-1.  I booked the spot. 

Please stop by and see it if you have the time.  I will also place anyone else's altar project installation announcements on this blog or the website if you care to drop an email to altarproject@gmail.com with an added "altars near you" feature on the not-yet completed website when it goes live and functional.

Also would contributors benefit from a discussion e-list for the project?

Again, techie/design help would be appreciated.

Thanks for your input,

Krei Steinberg
Your slightly overwhelmed project curator

Coming Soon: Altarproject.Org

Quick Update on the Website Progress.   The domain has been purchased and is still in kind of an awkward not ready stage, but be sure to bookmark http://www.altarproject.org .  I know its clunky, unfinished. I will post updates here when the site is live and functional.

Happy Solstii

Just Wishing Everybody a Wonderful Midsommar or a Good Yule, depending on which half of the globe you are on.

Status Check & Hello Note

I'm going to be installing my first altarproject tonight!  I was wondering how the other contributors are doing in their personal processes.

Some of the things that struck me about my first altar project:

*A sense of meta-awareness about my surroundings

*The way that my daily devotionals helped me to make strides towards a personal goal

*A closer bond with my chosen God

*How hard it was - the way I envisioned the project at the beginning in my mind is totally different from what I am about to install

*Strange tiny signs, many text, that made sense later but seemed odd at the time

What are your experiences with the 30-Day Altar Project so far?